Shanna Kauffman

Shanna’s passion for horses began at birth. At the age of five, her grandma began giving her pony rides bareback on the beloved family horse, Chili. Those opportunities fed her passion, and for her 12 th birthday her grandmother gave her that beloved horse, Chili. Shanna and Chili participated in a variety of events, growing together and teaching each other along the way. Over the years Shanna’s horse family has grown. She has owned six horses, and earned many equestrian awards, including the 2001 Gilbert Days Rodeo Princess title, and a variety of show awards. These experiences have helped Shanna develop a deeper understanding of the importance of Western Heritage. Shanna is honored to carry on her love of horses and support Western Heritage through her participation with the Cowgirls Historical Foundation.

Shanna graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 4.0 from Arizona State University. She has a Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness with a concentration in Consumer Products Marketing. Shanna works as a Grants Project Coordinator at the Arizona Department of Agriculture, coordinating the Specialty Crop Block Grant Program. She is so grateful to be surrounded by agriculture not only in her personal life, but also professionally. Her heart will always be in agriculture. You can find Shanna participating in a variety of charitable activities, including London’s Ride, and the Arizona Agriculture Literacy Foundation Summer Ag Institute. Shanna is happily married to Kurt Kauffman, and they enjoy horseback riding, camping, and just being outdoors.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt