Ashley Sexton

Ashley Sexton is a wife, cowgirl, writer, blogger, backyard homesteader and entrepreneur.

Married in 2012 Ashley embarked on a new adventure as a backyard homesteader. She raises livestock on a small scale at her north phoenix home. She enjoys DIY crafts, cooking, gardening and working hard. She shares her ups and downs and everything between in a blog called Little Wife Living the Homestead Life. She also writes uplifting, positive stories for She is always looking for ways to contribute to her household. Along with selling organic eggs, veggies from the garden and baked goods she channels her love of western heritage into making and selling one of a kind western jewelry and accessories.

As a member of The Cowgirls Historical Foundation Ashley has an opportunity to preserve and promote our western heritage. The CHF has introduced Ashley to many new experiences and people. She is currently titled an Official Cowgirl and enjoys all that the group has to offer. She is able to log hours of community service and be part of the fast paced drill team. Ashley is appreciative for all the friendships she has gained through the CHF. In any endeavor pursued she has the full support and love of the group behind her. It is an incredible feeling. She is so blessed to know this group of women who are so beautiful inside and out.