Randa Stratton Dutcher

Randa is a Native Arizonan. Born in the Snowflake area, she is preceded by a rich heritage of the early pioneers whom settled Taylor and Snowflake, Arizona. She has had a love of horses since she was a little girl. She takes great pride in representing the Cowgirls Historical foundation in song and horsemanship. She feels it’s an honor and a privilege to be able to ride with such group of talented women in and out of the arena.

Music is another one of Randa’s passions. Currently she is working on recording an original album. She finds her inspiration by lifting the hearts of cowboys, cow girls and fans in singing the National Anthem at rodeo events. This allows her to share in the strong sense of patriotism for our great nation with other fellow Americans.

Randa is grateful to the Lord for these opportunities. She feels her greatest blessing is her husband, family and friends. After marrying her high school sweetheart she is now a mother of five. She and her husband, Aaron, strive to teacher her children about work ethic, good manners and hospitality. Just as she grew up and was taught how to “Cowboy Up”, be respectful, look people in the eye and give a good handshake. She also uses these talents when speaking to various women’s groups about empowerment and discovering your own natural gifts.

Randa’s love for rodeo comes from the fact that it is one of the few sporting and public events that start with a prayer of thanksgiving and a song of freedom.