Molly Brewer

Molly is living proof that “a man can change his stars”. One of two children living in the West Valley of the Phoenix Metropolitan area, she grew up wishing and hoping for a horse of her own. As a child, several times a week Molly would take the classified section from the newspaper into her room and study the horse ads. Underlining, highlighting, and looking up words in the ads she was unfamiliar with in her horse encyclopedia, this cowgirl-at-heart tried everything she could think of to convince her parents that she should have a horse. However, the timing was not right until much later.

After 22 years of wishing and planning, Molly and her high school sweetheart were able to purchase a piece of land in Queen Creek, Arizona, and her hopes of owning a horse were finally turned into a reality. Her first horse was a 28 year old Arab gelding with one hoof in the grave, but with a sweet temperament and lots of patience. Between reading, watching videos, and hundreds of hours in the saddle, Molly taught herself to ride. 10 years and an incredible amount of hard work later, Molly is thrilled to belong to the elite Cowgirls Historical Foundation, where she feels she is living her dream.

When Molly is not in the saddle, you won’t catch her sitting down much. You will find her on the sidelines of soccer games, football games, track meets, and cross country races while she cheers on her 6 kids. She enjoys a diverse selection of activities including sewing, painting, cooking, reading, yoga, hiking, camping, spending time outside, and puttering around in her 1966 VW Beetle. Molly also loves running, particularly distance running, and has completed a number of half and full marathon races.

Molly believes in the value of service, both for the giver and the receiver. She happily spends many hours serving with CHF at charity fundraisers as well as in her church in various capacities such as activities planning and teaching Sunday School. To Molly, even a small act of service like mowing a neighbor’s lawn or a friendly phone call can change lives.

Molly is proud to serve with the Cowgirls Historical Foundation in spreading the message of our Western Heritage, faith, family, and freedom.