Charlotte Price

This is CHF Cowgirl Charlotte Price! She has been involved with horses and rodeo since she moved to Arizona in 2004. Coming from a family that was not involved with horses, even as a young girl, Charlotte took it upon herself to pursue her passion with horses and has had them in her life since the very first day she moved to Arizona. Charlotte started off with riding lessons learning to ride bareback on Arabian horses. She moved on to English and jumping lessons. She finally got her first horse which was a green Mustang mare named Daizey. To this day, Charlotte continues to enjoy the training and riding experiences she gets from riding many different horses!

In 2009, Charlotte began to work with Sherry Richardson, a Gilbert businesswoman who specializes in selling horses gentle enough for the whole family to ride. Charlotte assists in the horse evaluation process which included riding horses to the local restaurant in town, or out in the desert and across the Salt River, to camping on the Mogollon Rim. All kinds of horses and many learning experiences later, Charlotte still loves riding many different types of horses.

Charlotte was the 2015 Gilbert Days Rodeo Queen, and enjoyed actively participating in meetings, communicating with sponsors, visiting royalty, and overall production of the rodeo during her reign. She has followed in the footsteps of many talented CHF Cowgirls who have been former Gilbert Days Rodeo Royalty, and had a wonderful ride down the rodeo road as a Rodeo Queen!

Team roping is Charlottes favorite pastime in the saddle, but also loves to adventure out on the trails and gather cattle on surrounding ranches. She has a sweet hound dog named Lola who is her close companion, and loves to join her while she rides.

In early 2014, Charlotte became a part of the Cowgirls Historical Foundation, attending many of the different charity and fundraising events, as well as participates in many rodeos and parades. She continues to garner experiences and exposure to the wonderful world of being a CHF cowgirl!